Welcome to the Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League

The Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League is for ALL SYDNEY region coaches!

Our mantra is - PLAY LOTS OF table top BLOOD BOWL!!!!

Season 6 started on 01 March 2021, using the new BB20 rules.

If you're keen to join, pm me or email me at adrie_k9@yahoo.ca

Click on "League Teams to see which teams are participating in the current Season.


There are two competition divisions: "SWAMP" (for those living in Sydney/coastal areas), and "MOUNTAIN" (for those living west of Parramatta). Click Tournaments and then on SWAMP6 or MOUNTAIN6 to see how the teams are going.

There is also a Friendly Tournament in which coaches can play up to two friendlies against each of the other teams (listed in League Teams). Ie, your team is playing in EITHER the Mountain or Swamp Division, and your friendly games are played in the Friendly Division. Any changes to your team (eg, skill upgrades) will be reflected across both the league and the friendly divisions. Note - you don't have to play any friendlies (but obviously, it's a good way to build your team).

Also - if you want to coach a team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions, no worries!!! (but, it's not the same team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions).

Finally, check out the write-ups and game summaries found on the right side of this page. Better yet, see Vimes' blog at http://tdobbrpg.blogspot.com/ .

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Feb. 28th, 2021
MVP roll
Every game includes an MVP roll, even the friendlies, and the MVP is selected from one of three that the coach nominates for the 1D3 roll (we are NOT using the new MVP rules).
- Bill
Feb. 28th, 2021
Season 6 is under way!!!!
This website isn't quite fully functional yet. We can record all games on the website, but I have to manually adjust SPP, treasury and fans until the website is fixed.... hopefully it'll be done by mid-March. The season is currently showing as ending in September 2021. This may be pushed out if we get more coaches signing up.

Soooo, what are you waiting for? Contact an opponent and GET SOME!!
- Bill
Feb. 23rd, 2021
Season 6 Prize Pool
Some of us like a bit more spice in our lives, so to make the games mean just that little bit more, we have a prize pool.


SHOW ME THE $$$$$$

Prize pool status:
$10 to enter.
Highest placed team of those that enter the prize pool takes all the winnings.
(Ie, team that progresses the furthest in the playoffs; ties will be resolved by splitting the prize pool).

So far we have me, Christian, Tupi, Sam, Robbie, Anthony and Josh (I assume M)....Prize pool is therefore $70. Still taking entries (you can enter at any time prior to your first league game).
- Bill
Dec. 27th, 2020 - old news
Season 6
Season 6 is here! New BB20 rules!!!! All new teams!!!

Now, if only we could play Table Top... .let's see how COVID treats us in 2021.

PM me with the race you want to play. Once I give you the all clear, then you can create your team. Then I will enter it into the appropriate division (based on which one you want to play in).

On on , Commish.
- Bill
Dec. 27th, 2020 - old news
Season 5 - is dead
Thanks to COVID, and the new BB20 rules, there is no point in continuing Season 5. Nor can we use existing teams after this website is updated with BB20 rules. So, all your Season 5 teams are going to be retired. Commish.
- Bill

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