Canton Beach Coin Hunters

Race:  Underworld
Coach:  Vimes
They're small and smelly, furry and fast, and have a big troll that sometimes remembers to put his boots on the right feet. Some of them are starting to change as well, growing tentacles, an extra head...

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Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 28th, 2019 - old news
End of Season 2
After having played the underworld in both a league and tournament format, I've come to the conclusion that they're a better league team than tournament, but they take some time to grow. They are definitely not the worst race in the BB universe, and if playing them in a league, coaches really should take advantage of the one thing that they can easily acquire - mutations. Sure, add skills like Block, Wrestle, Sure Hands, Tackle, just to name a few. But don't forget stuff like adding Two Heads to goblins, meaning they dodge everywhere on a 2; or Extra Arm to linerats and throwers, picking up balls and catching accurate passes and hand-offs on a 2 and you have a great combo for a running game; Tentacles on a troll first up is a good idea, and even if you don't do anything with him in a turn, securing opponents can help considerably.

An 8-0-5 record (including a forfeit) was a little better than what I expected, and they made the division final as well. They could handle the vamps and wood elves, but struggled against bashy teams, even though they did win two games against the undead. I wont play the Coin Hunters in season three, but I would like to run them again, seeing that the actually benefited from the redraft.
- Vimes
Feb. 22nd, 2019 - old news
The season so far...
The team is starting to pick up some skills and mutations after four games, though it's a bit frustrating that I've been losing league matches and winning friendlies. Still, a win is a win, I've thirteen players on the roster now, and have only had one goblin killed. This is the first time I've played underworld in a league and I must admit, they're not too bad. Definitely not the worst race out there.
- Vimes
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2nd place: SWAMP BMBBL2


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