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LA WoodRaiders

gate: 33 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
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The Dead The Bad and The Ugly


Waaay Pastya
TD Scorers
Yul Brenner dead
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
Lee Van Cleef dead
Eli Wallach
Eli Wallach
Eli Wallach
Serious Injurers
John Wayne
Completions By
Charles Bronson
Interceptions By

Wowwieee dead
MVP awards to
Yul Brenner dead
  Sustained Injuries  

Waitfo Rit
Miss Next Game

Woodchop retired
-1 AV
Result added May 29th, 2019

Match notes
The much awaited league game between SWAMP's heavy TV teams was played at a luxury stadium (cheaper stars (no effect) and +3 to FF roll). Undead received but were unable to score with the Woodies bowling over the ball carrier and swiftly moving downfield for the first score. The Undead tried to rally with a late TD in the last turn, but, leaving the ball carrier deep in his own half and setting up for a pass/hand-off play didn't quite work. The Woodies Star player (Waaay Pastya) was waiting to pounce: moved 12 squares into a tackle zone on the ball carrier didn't phase Tupi, but he was aghast when, on turn 8, he rolled a double one while trying to dodge out of the tackle zone. With Waaay Pastya unmarked, it was a gift TD. Woodies up 2-0 at the half. Although the Undead did their best to take the ball, score, and smash half the Woodies off the field, it wasn't enough to be able to score twice in the second half. Woodies take the win. Thx Tupi - great game.

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