Match result

SWAMP BMBBL2, playoff round 2
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Canton Beach Coin Hunters

gate: 26 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
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no custom badge
The Dead The Bad and The Ugly


TD Scorers
James Coburn
Lee Van Cleef
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers
John Wayne
Clint Eastwood
Lee Van Cleef
Eli Wallach
Serious Injurers
John Wayne
Clint Eastwood

Completions By
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Yul Brenner
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game

Dubloon dead
Result added April 24th, 2019

Match notes
The magnificent charge of the Coin Hunters ended abruptly this afternoon, at the hands of the western themed undead. The underworld side was under the thumb from the moment the game started, with two players injured in the first turn. By turn four, with the undead starting to stall before scoring, two more were off the pitch, but it didn't stop them from temporarily halting the drive with a desperate charge by Penny, who koed the unfortunate ghoul. The ball was eventually recovered by the underworld side, who somehow managed to get clear and set up a scoring opportunity late in the half. Unfortunately, Penny, who had the ball at the time, was injured by a rampaging mummy, with the ball scraped up by a ghoul, who handed it on to Van Cleef for the opening point.

With just enough reserves to cover their injuries, the underworld side attacked down the left flank at the start of the second half. Despite goblins weaving through the undead ranks, they were still able to halt the play, then run the ball back up to halfway. Pfenning launched a suicidal charge at the ball carrier, somehow managing to bring him down without injuring himself. The joy was short-lived, with the ball thrown in to the CBCH half, and though it was retrieved by Toea, the undead side had the numbers to stop the recovery, and double the lead with three turns to go.

The fans of the underworld side enacted some revenge on the undead, trampling six of them in a mad pitch invasion upon the restart of play. It did allow a consolation point for CBCH, but it was all too little, too late.

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