Match result

SWAMP BMBBL2, playoff round 1
Team badge
Canton Beach Coin Hunters

gate: 25 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Bucharest Cigar Vampires


TD Scorers
Dr Acula
Foulers (no cas)

Lek v2 dead
Badly Hurt'ers

Serious Injurers
mercenary / star
Completions By
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game

-1 AG

Lek v2 dead
Result added April 17th, 2019

Match notes
A divisional record crowd of 25,000 witnessed a tense play-off match in Penrith this afternoon, which wasn't decided until the second last turn. The Coin Hunters, elected to receive yet again after winning the toss, though were a bit surprised to see Wilhelm Chaney lining up against them. The star made his presence felt early in the tussle, ripping through Krone's armour and leaving him with a permanent injury. With other players being gazed and knocked-out, the underworld side were desperate to score, and took the lead in turn five after Wilhelm was blitzed and flattened, with Cent catching the bouncing ball. He dodged clear, leaving opponents grasping in his wake, then sauntered across the line.

The score remained that way until late in the second half. Both sides did have chances, with the CBCH benefiting from a first half blitz, but unable to double their tally. They then managed to trip up Wilhelm late in the half to prevent him from equalizing. The vamps however, despite pressure from the underworld side, received a slice of good fortune with two turns to go, with an inaccurate pass scattering favourably to Dr Acula on the sideline, who caught the floater then charged in to even up the score.

With the threat of extra time looming, Pfenning caught the ball off the restart and brought it forward, only to be wrestled down by Wilhelm. A thrall grabbed the resting pigskin, but was then thumped by Dollar. Sen, getting more game time than usual, managed to grab it, then dart forward to hand it off to Euro. The three-armed rat had no problem accepting the gift, and crossed for the winner with very little time left in the match.

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