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Mountain BMBBL6, Mountain 6 R2
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Big-uns & Wee-uns

gate: 11 000
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Beltemmore Ravens


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Sent off

mercenary / star
Badly Hurt'ers
Frying Pan Pam


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Frying Pan Pam
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Result added November 13th, 2021

Match notes
A match to be known as the contest of the sacked blodgers! The Big-uns Wee-uns rostered 2 human star players for this match - Griff & Oberwald & Mighty Zug. The Beltemmore Ravens started the match by causing 2 casualties - 1 to a gnoblar another to the teams ogre punter. Throughout the rest of the half 2 more gnoblars joining their comrades in the casualty bin as well as a dark elf. One was sent off, & 7! were knocked out, together with 2 gnobars. I blitzed one of the dark elf blodgers taking the ball, then he blitzed Griff taking the ball back. I again took a blodger out to regain the ball to complete the half.

I failed to pick up the ball before he blitzed a gnoblar onto the ball which bounced into the hands of a witch elf who had already moved. I then hit the WE with 3 or 4 two dice attacks eventually knocking her down. Griff recovered the ball using his special skill to allow a reroll of 1 die. He was blitzed by the WE 2 dice up hill & rolled double pow! The WE got the ball back but there was no safe to go & she succumbed to a blitz by Griff. A last 2 dice blitz failed to drop Griff, & he subsequently blitzed the runner with a 3 dice block causing a casualty. With only 4 elves left on the pitch it was an easy stall for the turn 16 touchdown leaving the Dark Elves 1 turn to score the equaliser.

To cap his dreadful day, Gnome threw triple skulls with his tackler on the last throw of the game!

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