Match result

SWAMP BMBBL3, round 6
Team badge
Morisset Motorheads

gate: 21 000
2 TD score 3
cas score
Wood Elf logo
no custom badge
Wood Realm Dragon Slayers


TD Scorers
Bob Sticksy
Bob Sticksy
Ricky Wood
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers

Serious Injurers
Ricky Wood


Completions By
Ronnie Wood
Ricky Wood
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Joe Branch
  Sustained Injuries  

Miss Next Game
-1 AV
Johnny Hardwood dead
Warren Shortwood dead
Result added June 29th, 2019

Match notes
Both sides met at a neutral venue in the northern suburbs for their first encounter of the season. The Motorheads, despite having the initial kick-off land near halfway on the left flank, well away from the majority of the team, got off to a good start, with Wizzo slaying a line-elf with the opening block of the match. Pitfighter Matt then retrieved the ball from the precarious position, survived a leaping wardancer's blitz, then scurried across the pitch to hand the ball over to Wizzo the killer, who raced off to score the opening point of the match after a few teammates marked up opponents.

The elven response took a fair bit of dodging, a little bit of passing, and a casualty to eventuate. Despite their cage being contested, Catcher Bob Sticksy was able to escape thanks to some good blocking, and even up the score on turn six. The Motorheads, unfortunately, couldn't retake the lead by the end of the half.

The serious injury of key player Johnny Hardwood early in the second half, appeared to have fired up the elves, who knocked out three opponents in relatively quick succession. With fewer opponents on the pitch, the elves took the lead, then doubled it after surprising the khorne side with a blitz down the right flank off the next kick-off. The Motorhead supporters, naturally, were quite upset, and promptly rioted. Once the dust had settled, there was barely enough time for one final drive, in which the khorne team narrowed the gap to make the scoreline somewhat respectable.

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