Welcome to the Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League

The Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League is for ALL SYDNEY region coaches! (C'mon you SLOBBers, join up!).

To register, you first need to PM me on facebook or email me at adrie_k9@yahoo.ca so I can set you up with access to this site.

Registration is open until we get enough coaches (4-5 minimum). You can join at anytime, even after the season has started (but you'll need to pm me on FB after the season has kicked off).

If we have enough coaches, there will be two divisions: MOUNTAIN for those west of Parra) and SWAMP for Parra and those east of Parra (ie Sydney).

The season length will depend on how many teams sign up. There is also a Friendly Tournament in which you can play as many games as you want against any of the other teams. Ie, your team is playing in EITHER the Mountain or Swamp Division, and if you want to play friendlies, you also need to sign up to the Friendly Division. Any changes to your team (eg, skill upgrade) will be reflected across both the league and the friendly divisions.

Also - if you want to coach a team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions, no worries!!! (but, obviously, it's not the same team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions).

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Dec. 8th, 2018
Season 1 - Championship!!
Dallas DwarvBoys (Bill's Chaos Dwarf team) defeated the No-Name Chaos (Gnomie's Chaos) 1-0. Although the No-Names were hot favourites after their 6-0 run during the season, the DwarvBoys showed up with too much Claw and MB; smashing half the Chaos off the field by the end of the first half. All over red rover.
- Bill
Dec. 6th, 2018
Registration extended
Looking to get at least 4-5 coaches signed up so we can kick off Season 2. You can join at any time.
- Bill

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