Welcome to the Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League

The Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League is for ALL SYDNEY region coaches!

To register, you first need to PM me on facebook or email me at adrie_k9@yahoo.ca so I can set you up with access to this site.

Season 3 has started, but you can join at any time (new teams welcome). The season will run til at least 30 Jun, maybe longer (especially considering that we have 8 coaches in the Mountain Division).

There is also a Friendly Tournament in which coaches can play as many games as they want against any of the other teams. Ie, your team is playing in EITHER the Mountain or Swamp Division, and your friendly games are played in the Friendly Division. Any changes to your team (eg, skill upgrade) will be reflected across both the league and the friendly divisions. Note - you don't have to play any friendlies (but obviously, it's a good way to build your team).

Also - if you want to coach a team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions, no worries!!! (but, obviously, it's not the same team in both the Mountain and Swamp Divisions).

Finally, check out the write-ups and game summaries found on the right side of this page. Better yet, see Vimes' blog at http://tdobbrpg.blogspot.com/ .

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June 20th, 2019
Season 3 EXTENDED to 31 Aug
It must be the colder temperatures. I suppose end-Jun was always overly optimistic; especially with 8 coaches in Mountain division.

The other factor is that I will be overseas for much of Aug, and administration might slow down a tad in August (but I'll continue to be available on line).

So, the season is extended to 31 Aug.
- Bill
May 22nd, 2019
Season 3 - W/D/L Points
I've made an adjustment to the point scoring system for Season 3.
Win = 20 points
Draw = 10 points
Loss = 4 points

Yes, you could play all your games, lose them all, and then be ahead in the standings over a team that only played 1-2 games. Happy to debate, but we'll give this a crack as a way of rewarding those that play a lot of games (even if Nuffle doesn't like them!!).
- Bill
Mar. 25th, 2019 - old news
Playoffs - Season 2
The Dead Bad and Ugly - SEASON 2 GRAND CHAMPIONS!!!!
- Bill
Jan. 21st, 2019 - old news
Rule clarifications
A few bits for you:
1. You don't need to play your games in order. Yes, this will result in some teams quickly becoming monstrous then playing a team that hasn't played at all. That's what inducements are for.
2. If you put in a write-up, I'll add $5K to your redraft tally (for both coaches). The write-up can be on either the FB site or the game summary (see links on the right side of this screen).
3. If you are playing a Friendly match - let me know beforehand so I can set up the game on this website (see the Friendly Tournament link).
4. You can roster a star player. Once someone claims a star, that star can't be used by anyone else, even as an inducement. The rulebooks cover off on the rules for costs and retaining a star player). Rostered Star players will not play playoff games. As per DZ1, stars and mercenaries are not allowed in playoff games. If you decide to roster a star player for the regular season, it isn't official until you contact me and confirm that you can have that player.
- Bill

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SWAMP BMBBL3, round 6
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BMBBL3 Friendly, Round 1
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BMBBL3 Friendly, round 1
  3    Dead Bad and Ugly
  0    Executioners

SWAMP BMBBL3, round 6
  1    Old Coast Chargers
  7    LA WoodRaiders

  2    Executioners
  1    Papa's Preachers
  0    Herc's Reavers
  3    Jungle Bunny Raid...
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